Wednesday, 14 May 2014

No.3 Chair

Numbered furniture. Either you "get it" and love it, or you don't understand it and think painted numbers ruin an otherwise great piece.

I'm in the former camp. I think painted numbers are adorable, and a fun way to personalize your home in a subtle way. Here are some of my favorite examples of numbers painted on furniture . . .

It's a fun way to bring in a bit of whimsy, and fits perfectly in a cottage, beachy, country, schoolhouse-inspired room, or with any style that incorporates vintage pieces. I like to call my personal style "Refined Cottage" and pieces like this make my heart sing.

I tried my hand at a numbered piece last summer. Sadly I didn't take a before photo, but it was your run-of-the-mill honey colored oak chair with a stain that had gone orange over the years and was in need of some freshening up.

I painted it my favorite shade of blue and then stenciled on a big number 3. I had fun distressing it to create the look of a well worn, old chair by focusing on the areas that naturally see wear; the seat, corners, fronts of the legs and the center of the back.

It turned out so beautifully and was fun to bring in to the shop because everyone had an opinion on it. Most people would gasp and say "Aw!" Or "I love that, how cute!" but a few people were puzzled and made comments like "Now why would you put a number on a chair?" "I thought it was perfectly nice until I noticed the number on the seat. That just ruins it for me."

Well, that's the fun of decor/design. Not everyone is going to like what you do, so just DO YOU. I love the look and I had so much fun creating this piece. It's not a style that is everyone's cup of tea, but that's not what I strive to do.

If I wanted to create pieces that everyone would like, all my things would be plain white. Or black. Adding personality to pieces like this is a risk, sure. It means less people will find it appealing. But for the ones who DO like it, it makes that piece irresistable and extra special.

So for all my numeral-loving clients out there, keep on the look out for more numbered pieces coming soon! And for those who just don't get this trend, don't worry. There's always something for everyone!

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